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Kyü @ Old Museum

Rave Magazine issue 2 November 2010:

Kyü / Pikelet / Nimble Animal

Old Museum - Fri Oct 29

Declared the ‘unofficial loop pedal showcase’ by one of the acts, tonight’s show proves that you don’t need multiple band members when you have technology on your side. The night begins with Nimble Animal, consisting of Dom Stephens (of Oh Ye Denver Birds fame), a synthesiser, floor tom and the celebrated loop pedal. Stephens creates minimalist electronic music by looping percussive and melodic elements and layering his signature breathy-yet-waily vocals. The concepts are remarkable but lack somewhat in execution. However, tonight is only his first solo gig and this reviewer eagerly hopes that there are more to come.

Next is Pikelet who, using much of the same instrumentation as Nimble Animal, shows us how it’s really done. This is Evelyn Morris’s first solo show since the release of her current album, harking back to her earlier days as an extraordinary one-woman band. Her music is a kaleidoscopic swirl of electronic, psychedelic and pop influences but her performance is as intimate as that of a folk musician. Morris’s voice is pitch-perfect and she loops and layers sounds with impeccable timing, leaving us wondering how one person can be so unbelievably talented.

Alyx Dennison and Freya Berkhout of Kyü stand like two Amazonian women in a technological jungle, surrounded by a keyboard, synthesiser, floor tom and glockenspiel each. They move effortlessly through songs from their self-titled debut album – an ethereal combination of atmospheric soundscapes, tribal chanting and rhythmic drumming, but with enough experimental electronics so as not to stray too far into Enya or Lion King territory. While the girls are clearly nervous, tonight’s performance is spellbinding and worthy of every bit of hype that has been thrown their way. With the last notes of Pixiphony ringing out, the room is filled with reverent applause as the crowd recognise they have just witnessed something magical.

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